Basic Information

GAIF Entity The Federation has its own independent body corporate and enjoys with the financial and managerial independency which enable The Federation to practice lawfully in achieving its objectives


GAIF Incorporation The Federation has been founded in Cairo on September 1964 according to the desire of Arab Insurance & Reinsurance Companies, Institutions and its Controllers bodies known as General Arab Insurance Federation an Arab International Organization  


GAIF Residence " Arab Insurance Home " Cairo City - the Capital of A.R.E. - is the permanent residence of GAIF since 1964 .The residence convention has been signed according to the decision no. 214 for the year 1995 of the Majesty s of A.R.E. President and the consent of Egyptian Assembly dated 31/12/1995 published in the Egyptian official newspaper according to the Egyptian Foreign Affairs Minister decision no. 8 for the year 1996 dated 24/1/1996  


GAIF is constituted of the following organs

General Conference
Federation Council 
Executive Committee 
General Secretariat
Technical Committees


Gaif Memberships

Federation membership is available to

A-All Insurance & Reinsurance Companies and Associations which practice its
activities for their own account and registered in Arab Countries, also Arab
Insurance  Controllers and National Insurance Federations


B-The Insurance & Reinsurance Companies which are registered in Arab or Foreign Country , and basically practice their activities for their own account in Arab Country which its legislation does not allow registering insurance and reinsurance companies.  


Provided that:

1-The Arab share in the capital is 51% at least

2-The majority of board of directors are Arab or appointed by them and should hold an Arab Nationality.  


According to GAIF Articles of Association the levels of Membership are as follows: 

A-Ordinary Members : 

Any Arab Insurance & Reinsurance Company, Association and Organization could be accepted as Ordinary Member in "GAIF" if the membership’s conditions and provisions mentioned in article (7) of this constitution applied on them. The Ordinary Members have the right to vote in the General Conference, expressing their opinions in all matters, electing Market’s representative in the Federation Council  


B-Associate Members : 

The Following Arab Associations and Organizations could be accepted as Associate Members if the full membership’s conditions and provisions are not applied on them such as : 

Arab Insurance Controller 
Arab Insurance Federations & Associations 
Arab Consultation Offices and Organizations working in the researchers field and developing insurance sector. 
Arab Institutes & Centers specialized in training technical staff in the insurance industries. 
Arab Associations and Organizations related to insurance and reinsurance business.  
Associate Members have no right to vote in General Conference or to elect Markets Representatives in the Federation Council , but they have the right to express their opinions in the General Conference . 


C-Observer Members : 

Any Arab Insurance & Reinsurance company ( or its regional office) working in the Arab countries and didn’t fulfill all membership conditions & provisions (Capital , board of directors……etc.) or Any Arab Insurance and Reinsurance company working outside the Arab countries and fulfill the membership conditions & provisions according to the following regulations: Observer Members have the right to attend the General Conference & express their opinions in the General Conference meeting but have no right to vote or to elect Markets Representatives in the Federation Council . Arab Insurance & Reinsurance Companies working in the Arab Countries members in GAIFcould be public sector companies or private sector’s or joined companies (Public & private sectors) .

By 1/1/2013 number of GAIF members reached 327 companies.



Federation Objectives


The Federation mainly aims to strengthen conjunctions between Arab Insurance Markets and its related organizations subsidize co-operation between them and to co-ordinate its activities to protect the members interests and develop insurance industry for eminence the Arab entity 

To achieve the Federation Objectives which stated in Article /4/ above, the Federation will apply the following policies :-

A-The economic integration between Arab Insurance Markets

Studying legislations and insurance systems in the Arab Countries to develop and unifying them
Arabizing Insurance Language and expressions , through preparing Arabic specimen policies , reinsurance treaties and other specimens which are necessary for
  insurance activities , to assist in unifying insurance language and co-coordinating work between insurance companies in Arab Countries
Co-operation between Federation members to establish Companies , Pools and joint Insurance ventures to achieve integration between members and subsidize
  their relations 
Co-operation in all aspects which consolidate and support the investment policy of the insurance and reinsurance field for the interest of the members, and their
  national economies 
Doing all possible for eminence the Arab Insurance Market as one entity in the international field. 


B- Developing Arab Insurance Industry

Forming permanent and temporary technical specialized committees to study the brand new subjects and to discuss the insurance activities problems in the Arab
Establishing service and consultation centers affiliated to the Federation to systematic exchange of experience, establishing training centers, organizing specialized
  seminars and courses

C- Supporting & developing the members activities

Assist members in providing them with their needs for technical and managerial staff through exchange and supplying insurance consultation to members .
Issue the magazines, publication and specialized insurance books to raise the scientific levels, insurance conscious and stabilize integrated scientific insurance
Preparing and exchange studies and collecting data, statistics from different Arab Insurance Markets in order to strengthen co-operation between Federation’s
members and to furnish them with the requested information. 
  Organizing periodical meetings, between insurance and reinsurance specialists to consolidate the co-operation and experience exchange between Arab Insurance
Acting as an intermediary or arbitrator between members to settle problems which may arise between them. 
Studying insurance and reinsurance problems in the Arab Countries and suggesting the necessary resolutions. 


D- Strengthen Conjunctions between Federation and other Arab International Organizations

Participating in International Conferences and Seminars related to insurance and co-coordinating the members attitude’s on those Conferences and Seminars
Invite Arab and International Organizations to attend the Federation Conferences


E- Adopting any other possible means which can help in achieving the Federation targets


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