General Secretariat

The GAIF General Secretariat is considered the executive device of the Federation and consists of :

** The Secretary General
** The Assistant Secretary General and the employees. 
The GAIF General Secretariat responsible for executing the General Conference resolutions and its GAIF Council , GAIF Executive Committee decisions.
The Secretary General is responsible in front of the Federation Council for the financial of GAIF and General Secretariat device
which practice its activity according to the managerial structure or body which approved from GAIF Council.
Mr. Abdul Khaliq R. Khalil is GAIF Secretary General

Permanent Residence

Cairo A.R.E

Mail Address

P.O.Box 611 Cairo PC 11511


First: 10 Iran St - Dokki Giza
Second: 8 Kasr El Nil St Cairo A.R.E


+202 25762310 ,+202 33388209


S.G     0020233380072

Offices 0020237495370 
0020237495371  ,  0020233380047 0020225753188  , 002025743177


Secretary General

Abdul Khaliq R. Khalil

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